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Global Vision Biotechnologies To Enter In To Joint-Partnership In $5 Million Industry-Leading Marijuana-Infused Chocolate Innovation

  • Date: 26/08/19
  • Author: Daniel Mathers
  • Team: Global Vision Biotechnologies - Press Team

Anticipating the legalization of recreational-use marijuana edibles, and ready to demonstrate a leadership position in the edibles market, Global Vision Biotechnologies, a leading research and development bio-tech company of medicinal marijuana, is pleased to announce a $5 million investment partnership in a high-speed, high-capacity, fully-automated production line with ability to produce an estimated 40,000 kilograms of high quality, marijuana-infused chocolate edibles per year.

In addition to its existing capacity, the production facility has the adaptability to expand with future growth of the domestic and international chocolate edibles markets. The line is expected to allow the product development teams to introduce chocolate innovations unique not only to the marijuana industry, but to the chocolate industry as a whole.

“Over the last number of years, Global Vision Biotechnologies has become known for its best-in-class medicinal marijuana research and development programs. Now this latest partnership we will soon also be known for our world-class chocolate production capability,” said Michael Lorthe, Ph.D., Head of Product Development at Global Vision Biotechnologies.

The full range of the chocolate that is currently under product development will be supported by a carefully curated collection of strategic partners and suppliers identified for their own global expertise and unwavering commitment to quality.

The investment will contribute to a state-of-the-art chocolate molding line and a fully integrated packaging line, that includes advanced engineering, robotics, high-speed labeling and automated shipping carton packing.

Global Vision Biotechnologies’ plan for chocolate production reflects the company’s commitment to transformative thinking leading to innovative product development.

“Not only have we invested in exceptional technology, we have also brought an outstanding team to the table. I don’t believe there is another team assembled out there that can rival ours when it comes to understanding and reimagining the potential of marijuana-infused chocolate edibles,” Michael Lorthe added.