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Global Vision Biotechnologies Release Their Top 5 Benefits Of CBD Use.

  • Date: 23/09/19
  • Author: Daniel Mathers
  • Team: Global Vision Biotechnologies - Press Team

Prescription Drugs is big business and today’s society are consuming more man made drugs than ever. With more depression, cancers and unhealthy living than previously ever recorded more people are turning to health organisations and being prescribed drugs that may not necessarily be so healthy.

The most common drugs used for modern day ailments are pain-killers, tranquilizers and anti-depressants. Though these medications work, the body experiences resistance to them after a while, and only increased dosages can help to create the desired effect on the neuro-system.

New research has brought forward a relief replacement. According to studies, a compound extracted from the marijuana plant, scientifically named as marijuana sativa, produces cannabinoid, commonly known as the CBD.

Tests and detailed studies have concluded in the fact that cannabinoids and the CBD oils are a safe substitute for many medications. Not only does the CBD oil work as an antidepressant or a pain reliever, but it also can be used in day-to-day life to help through many other needs.


Serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with the well being of mind, is thought to be stimulated with the usage of the CBD oil. CBD does not produce the feeling of being high and does not affect the neurotransmission by regulating it under fake-happy hormones. But, the effectiveness of CBD lies in the fact that it motivates your body to use its pain managing institutions.

Also, CBD impacts your body’s endocannabinoid system(ECS) but does not manipulate the natural functioning of the former in any way. The cannabinoid receptors responsible for maintaining pain, appetite, and emotions are made to bind with each other and thus naturally regulate the system to cope with anxiety. Hence, CBD oils help in coping up with stress, trauma, and anxiety just by making better use of your body’s natural systems.


Surveys proved that CBD oil helps in having a better sleep at night and also helps in maintaining an improved sleep-wake schedule. While some argue that CBD oils help in curing insomnia by relieving anxiety, other reports suggest that CBD oils react with the body’s natural receptors relating to sleep induction and thus help in curing insomnia and bringing about a peaceful sleep at night. When having problems with a good night’s sleep, you can always trust CBD oils to bring some peace at the end of the day.


CBD oils seem to be a long-lasting solution for those who have been having issues with epilepsy and resultant seizures. The cannabidiol aids in two rare types of epilepsy conditions. The usage of CBD oils has proved to be effective in both children and adults by reducing the number of seizures in some, and assists in better reception of post-seizure impacts. The much-anticipated decision of the US Government declared that medicinal CBD oils are a safe alternative to seizure medicines.


CBD oils, though still at a preliminary stage of research are said to help in fighting oncogenes. Oncogenes are the genes responsible for stimulating the growth of cancerous cells and tissues. By keeping the production of the proteins synthesized by these oncogenes, CBD oils can verify as a reliable source of helping in the management of cancer-related diseases and syndromes.

Along with keeping a check on cancer from a primary stage, CBD oils are said to immensely help during the procedure of cancer treatment. It is also said that CBD helps to maximize the effect of cancer treatment and provides a better diagnosis of cancer when paired with other medications.

  • CBD oils act as an anti-inflammatory drug that helps to tolerate the aftermath of cancer treatments.
  • CBD oils assist in keeping nausea and other chemotherapy side effects in check.
  • As CBD Oils are known for their effect on appetite managing receptors of ECS, CBD oils can help to improve the appetite of patients who are suffering from cancer reduced appetites.


If you have been suffering from dry or troublesome skin for a long time, and also have tried various lotions, moisturizers, and other ointments, it is now time to show your skin some love by using the trustworthy CBD Oils. Products containing cannabidiol act as suitable skin moisturizers. The retention CBD Oils in the skin, is longer than normal lotions and ointments, hence, a greater looking skin from a trusted source.

Another use of this oil is to manage sebum production in the skin. Sebum is the secretion that naturally helps to moisturize your skin. At times, the production of sebum is more than necessary and results in oily skin. With regulated oil glands, you get healthy skin.


The effects of CBD are better than any other hemp derivative, as your body does not form any kind of tolerance to CBD. That means, the more you use it, the better results you attain, and that too, without any fear of addiction

CBD oils, a modern approach to a better lifestyle, will help you to get better control of your daily functioning. Being the smart consumer that you are, incorporate Cannabidiol products in your routine frequently and witness its life-altering effects. Make sure that you do your basic research and choose a CBD oil worth taking all your stress and tension away.