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Global Vision Biotechnologies Confirm Latin America As A Key Market To Gain Exposure To For Medicinal Marijuana Products.

  • Date: 09/09/19
  • Author: Daniel Mathers
  • Team: Global Vision Biotechnologies - Press Team

During the last year, the Latin American marijuana market became a major area of interest for many North American marijuana companies and this is a trend that is now set to continue. When you compare the cost of cultivating marijuana in North America to Latin America, the economics associated with the Latin American opportunity are much more attractive and several companies are bullish on the growth prospects associated with this emerging market.

It is now expected that further interest in the Latin American marijuana opportunity will be established as companies become levered to this area and that there is significant value associated with this market opportunity. Currently, there are only a handful of companies that have legitimate leverage to this emerging marijuana market.

Global Vision Biotechnologies already has significant leverage to the marijuana oil opportunity in Latin America and has set up operations in Argentina. Over the next year, Global Vision Biotechnologies expect to significantly expand its reach and also enter new emerging Latin American marijuana markets.

There are a number of factors that should make this opportunity beneficial to the company:

  • The company has attractive leverage to the Latin American marijuana market and is focused on producing high-margin premium marijuana oil
  • With operations in Colombia and Argentina, the company has significant growth prospects and is part of their major expansion program
  • The company has made significant additions to the management team and we are favorable on the team’s ability to execute and create value for shareholders
  • Global Vision Biotechnologies has secured strategic relationships to support growth and their established partnerships will be significant when it comes to the company’s long-term opportunity
  • When compared to its peers, Global Vision Biotechnologies has an attractive valuation and is trading at a fraction of their market caps

2019 has already proven to be a banner year for Global Vision Biotechnologies and so far the company has advanced operations in a number of ways and their management team are excited about these recent developments. From a larger production footprint to strategic additions to the management team, and the company has already significantly improved its position in the Latin American marijuana market, which makes investors favorable on its growth prospects.

Global Vision Biotechnologies is a fully licensed research and development company of medicinal marijuana products in Vancouver and recently expanded through a binding agreement to acquire marijuana cultivation, processing, manufacturing, export and other rights in Argentina. Currently, they are ensuring the Argentinian partnership becomes GMP compliant which is necessary when it comes to being able to export medical marijuana to international markets.

One of the reasons there is excitement surrounding Global Vision Biotechnologies’ Latin American partnership is due to its focus on the marijuana oil opportunity. Demand for marijuana oils continues to increase and this is a trend that is expected will continue as researchers learn more about the therapeutic value of cannabinoids. Marijuana oil now represents one of the sector’s most significant advancements and Global Vision Biotechnologies are now in a prime position to leverage this opportunity.

“Latin America offers enormous vertical and organic growth opportunities to our company, as well as several other inorganic opportunities too. The entire region has considerable potential to become one of the major marijuana producers in the world. We believe our company’s bio-tech expertise fits very well with the region’s natural cultivation and leveraging these two attributes together will assist the sector’s advancements exponentially,” said James Rollins, Director of Corporate Development with Global Vision Biotechnologies.

“We now anticipate that our partnership venture in Argentina will be added to very soon as we are already in discussions with several other companies in the region, including one in Puerto Rico and another in Columbia, both of which will further increase Global Vision Biotechnologies’ footprint in the region,” Rollins added.