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Global Vision Biotechnologies Confirm U.S. $200 Million Partnership Venture With A Top Confectionary Brand

  • Date: 06/01/20
  • Author: Daniel Mathers
  • Team: Global Vision Biotechnologies - Press Team

Global Vision Biotechnologies are pleased to announce that they are in talks about a U.S. $200 million partnership venture with Starbucks to develop their soon to be released CBD coffee range.

The partnership venture will be formally agreed by both parties in the very near future and it has now confirmed the brand have intentions to enter the CBD-infused beverage sector after several months of speculation.

Global Vision Biotechnologies will utilize their considerable knowledge of soluble CBD oils and will be jointly responsible for the research and development of the coffee formulas.

The partnership venture agreement entered in to by both companies has come after several months of speculation that the coffee brand were to enter the sector with a CBD-infused coffee range and were in discussions with several companies to assist them with it.

The wellness range of coffees will be marketed under the brands name and is expected to expand to a range of over 3 flavors and ingredients with each variant containing a slightly different strain of soluble CBD.

“Global Vision Biotech are the perfect fit for us as a company,” said a spokesman. “Their proven soluble CBD variants are key in allowing us to produce clinically endorsed coffees that are able to offer the consumer the exact amount of relief on a reliable and regulated basis. Global Vision Biotech’s medicinal CBD research and development programs have always put the needs of the patient first and this philosophy will also be applied to our wellness coffee range,” the spokesman added.

“For a company such as us to acknowledge and endorse our clinical research programs as they have, and enter in to a partnership venture with us because of them, is of immense satisfaction,” said Dr. James Rollins, Global Vision Biotechnologies’ Director of Cannabinoid Research.

“Our company ethos has always been to ensure that our research is clinically proven to allow for our products to be of benefit to as many people as possible. At times this research has resulted in us being able to discover new and better ways to extract and formulate the many strains of CBD that exists. We believe that this research will allow us and the top coffee brand to become one of the market leaders in the CBD-infused beverages on the market,” James Rollins added.