Our Investors and shareholders are the force of our persistence and success in the company. In conjunction with our research and development programs we offer solutions and partnerships to companies that range from the sourcing of raw materials through to the production of medicinal marijuana products. Our industry expertise creates business partnerships, business infrastructures and operational best practices to secure our company's stability and ensure its steady growth over the years to come.

Global spending on medical marijuana is now forecast to grow by over 300% a year over the next several years by virtue of more states and countries granting legislation of medicinal marijuana, increasing its worldwide access to patients and with this increased investor interest.We engage with institutional and retail investors from all 4 corners of the world and hold regular briefings and meetings with investment and financial analysts, during which they are given access to senior management.

Global Vision Biotechnologies’ local and foreign institutional investors and overseas-based shareholders from Asia, Europe and the U.S. are constantly updated in relation to our ongoing corporate objectives, including long-term goals and financial targets. In addition, the Investor Relations’ Unit, together with senior management, regularly attend investor conferences and trade shows to further promote our company’s increasing sector presence.

If you are interested on how to become part of our success story please contact Maxxo Global Limited who have been appointed as our approved brokerage to oversee these 3 rounds of private placement.

For non-Investor Relations related inquiries please use the form on our Contact Us page.

Rob Jeffreys,
Investor Relations Officer,
Global Vision Biotechnologies.