We conduct rigorous scientific research and development programs which help assess the safety and efficiency of marijuana and marijuana compounds for treating medical conditions.


Patients are increasingly now relying solely on CBD as a daily aid instead of conventional medical care as treatment for numerous physical illnesses and conditions.


Certain conventional medicines will always struggle to replace certain naturally occurring chemicals that the body produces, which is where marijuana-based treatments benefit the patient the most.


There’s more genetic diversity in marijuana than there is in humans. The potential for breeding definitely could be maximized through biochemical and genetic applications


Superior Care

At Global Vision Biotechnologies our in-house research and development programs are established, first and foremost, to revolutionize the clinical benefits of medicinal marijuana and to provide products which ensure the superior care for patients through every stage of their medical journey. Our clinically proven research also allows us to help educate, inform and simplify access to patients all forms of medical marijuana that works for different types of conditions. Our goal is to ensure that patients and sufferers receive and benefit from the most effective treatment for all chronic conditions and pain.

Through cutting-edge research, we are not only constantly developing a variety of clinically proven medicinal marijuana products, but also establishing different methods in which the entire medical community, and patients alike, can administer these treatments to achieve the most beneficial results. We are here to guide the entire medical profession and all of its patients by the hand at every step of the way. As industry experts, we are advancing medicinal marijuana research, development and product production with absolute dedication to ensure the highest possible quality and clinically proven products.

Regulatory Standards

Our compliance with regulatory standards, and our mission to product improvement and innovation, makes us one of the sector’s most stable and fastest growing companies that provides clinical research and development used for the production of accredited medical marijuana products. From our inception in 2012 we were committed in providing clinically proven research that would ensure superior care and support to all patients seeking marijuana as a medical alternative to their symptom relief and ultimate healing. Our company’s focus is to establish and provide the most beneficial treatments for chronic conditions and the relief of pain that patients worldwide demand.

On our journey towards reaching the best care and products from this healing plant, we are committed to move forward by improving our research and production by using the latest technology available today. Backed by our clinical trials, and the proven healthcare, healing experiences of patients that have trusted our medical marijuana products, our belief is that with continued research and development, we will come to a point in the future where medicinal marijuana becomes the preferred course of treatment by the entire medical profession, compared to the synthetic pharmaceutical treatments used today.

  • A Company Dedicated to the future.

    James Rollins, Head of Cannabinoid Research

Our Duty

We believe that it is our duty to further pursue our clinical research and development programs to create treatments and cures for chronic conditions that currently have considerable unmet needs, and as such are not curable today. Global Vision Biotechnologies’ groundbreaking research has already opened many doors to clinically proven treatments in the medical profession today. Our research has contributed to new findings that leads to producing new and effective medicinal products that treat chronic conditions that the world has been struggling with for many years now. Because of the improvements in quality and delivery methods, Global Vision Biotechnologies now has established tremendous opportunities to create substantial value for shareholders and investors alike.

We believe that our success comes from our solid team of in-house leaders, research scientists, analytical chemists and clinicians. Furthermore, our knowledge is enhanced by strategic partnerships with medical schools and universities, intellectual property experts and company partners that share one common goal: to make the future of medicine a better place for the next generations to come. Our team’s dedication and hard work are at the root of our success. Without them, Global Vision Biotechnologies’ success would not possible. Our company believes that marijuana, science and technology, and a team’s dedication can search and produce answers to questions that have remained as yet unsolved by the medical industry today. With the right people and technology firmly in place we are very proud of our position as a market leader in the clinical and medical marijuana bio-technology sector, with a focus on finding cures for many different and new chronic conditions that plagues mankind today.

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Benefits of CBD

Relieves Pain - Reduces Anxiety and Depression - Alleviates Cancer-Related Symptoms - Neuroprotective Properties - Benefits Heart Health